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29-Aug-2017 16:30

- Version 2.2 (04/06/2012) Lots of small updates lately...

think of it as a new way of keeping information up-to-date, web 2.0, stuff like that!

That brings us back to 1994, or, as Nintendo called it, "The year of the cartridge." In that year, _Final_Fantasy_VI_ was released, and there was much rejoicing. The depth of characters and robustness of the game engine (plus the time investment required to fully explore the nuances of the game) made this one of the highest- rated games in terms of replayability. For the early history of video games that may not have been so true, but for the entire history of this game, the internet has been a very influential medium for discussion among players.

The genre was RPG; the fictional foe was the evil Emperor Gestahl, and later, the pompous nihilist Kefka. Furthermore, the vivid graphics and moving musical score made it a complete experience, not just a game. For many fans of the series, this is still the greatest game, in spite of the hype surrounding some of its successors. And like many great cultures, it needs great works to explain, enhance, and record its story.

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Mostly I've made the party transition moments more obvious, broke up the endless list of monster formation chances and monster descriptions into room-by-room bits and give a simple and functional example of possible teams that allow Locke and Strago to face Doom and steal that Safety Bit and learn that Force Field Lore.

Fixed a comment where I mention Soul Dancers are vulnerable to Dischord, which they are not.

Added some notes on your "options" when controlling Edgar for the first time.

I corrected a mistake in 1.14.1 where I advise a Heavy Shield - the least ninja-like of equipment - on Shadow while he cannot make use of it.

I added a strategy for the Red Dragon when you lack Fire-resistant equipment.

I further improved on the Ice Dragon and Red Dragon strategies by adding that the Muddled monsters that are also Clear will never heal themselves, a trick sadly inapplicable in the GBA version of the game.

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